Spring and Fall Cleaning

Spring and Fall Cleaning Checklist

Spring and fall cleaning is a thorough house clean. Whether you are signing up for a one time, weekly or biweekly cleaning service, we like to perform a heavy duty clean where we clean and detail the entire house. A spring and Fall Clean removes nearly all the dirt, dust, contaminants and allergens making the air better to breathe. This cleaning service is usually between 50%-75% longer. This service is customizable to meet clients’ specific needs and budget.



• Hand Wipe Cabinets (Interior/Exterior)

• Scrub Counter Tops and Back Splash

• Clean/Sanitize Sink

• Clean Microwave (Interior/Exterior)

• Clean Refrigerator (Interior/Exterior)

• Clean Stove (Interior/Exterior)

• Polish Stove and Refrigerator Exterior

• Hand Wipe Appliances

• Hand Wipe Items on Counter Tops

• Hand Wipe Trash Can

• Detail Clean Under Electric Range Burners

• Remove Trash and Replace Bag

• Clean and Disinfect Kitchen Floor

• Remove Cobwebs

• Wipe Chairs/Stools



• Clean Mirrors

• Wipe All Reachable Light Fixtures

• Clean Counters and Sinks

• Hand Wash Cabinet Fronts

• Detail Clean Shower and Tub

• Disinfect Toilet and Toilet Area

• Vacuum Rugs

• Remove Trash

• Replace Trash Bags

• Clean and Disinfect floors

• Remove Cobwebs

• Vacuum Cabinet Interiors


All Rooms

• Hand Wipe Reachable Light Fixtures

• Dust and Wipe Reachable Ceiling Fans

• Remove Cob Webs

• Disinfect Light Switches and Door Knobs

• Dust Blinds

• Hand Wipe Doors and Frames

• Hand Polish Wood Furniture

• Remove Cobwebs

• Vacuum Under All Furniture (Only Move Light Furniture)

• Dust All Wall Art

• Dust Electronics

• Dust Picture Frames

• Wipe Handrails

• Dust Vents

• Polish Wood Hand Rails

• Vacuum All Floors and Furniture

• Mop Hard Floors

• Vacuum Carpet Edges

• Change Linen and Make Beds

• Hand Wipe Window Sills and Ledges

• Dust Baseboards



• Wash Sliding Glass Doors

• Clean Entry and Exit Windows


Additional Services

• Interior Window Washing – Reachable With a Step Stool

• Hand Wash Wood Blinds or Shutters

• Hand Wash Baseboards

Let us customize your cleaning based on your needs